Things to know before your appointment


Do you know your Apple ID and password?

Please make sure that you know the Apple ID and password that is associated with your device as you may be asked to deactivate some of your iCloud services before we can proceed with a repair.

If you require more information about how to find your Apple ID or password please follow this link.


Your Data

During service it is possible that the data stored on your device will be lost, replaced or reformatted In such an event Albion is not responsible for any loss of software applications, data or any other information contained on the device, therefore always have a known good backup before bringing in your device for service.

To learn more about how to backup your iPhone – Click here.
To learn more about how to backup your Mac – Click here.


What do you need to bring?

Please ensure that you bring the faulty item with you. It is not necessary to bring any accessories that came with the device unless they are part of the issue you are experiencing. You can bring your original box to assist with your transportation to the store, but unfortunately, we are not able to hold this in-store during repair.


Do you need your receipt?

If you have your original proof of purchase then please do bring a copy along, although in most instances, we can check using the serial number of your device if it is covered by the original warranty, but if there are any queries having proof of purchase helps


What will happen at your appointment

Your appointment slot is for 20 minutes. One of the in-store Service Advisors will gather details about your device to help our engineers decide on the best course of action.

We may run diagnostics on your device and we will make an external visual inspection to check for signs of damage, liquid, dents and scratches.


How long will it take to service my Device?

We will endeavour to diagnose faults at the appointment time. Subject to constraints we try to keep the most common parts in stock but with the thousands of different parts available it is impossible to stock all items in store and supply usually takes between one and two days if parts are required. Please be aware, timescales cannot be determined until your device has been inspected in-store. The duration of the repair depends on the nature of the fault and we will be able to advise further upon assessing the device.

Some repairs can be handled same day, subject to parts availability.


Borrow an iPhone whilst yours is being sent away to be serviced
Depending on loan availability there maybe to option to have a loan iPhone, this a chargeable service. Please speak to an Albion Service Advisor at your appointment time for more information


How much will your repair cost?

In warranty repair
If you have a hardware failure within the first year of purchase, the repair will be free if the fault is covered by the terms and conditions of Apple’s standard warranty.

Software Issues
Software issues are not covered under the original warranty, therefore, we offer a service called iCare Support. Costing just £79 for unlimited in-store support and 5 in-store training session per year. Or you can purchase an one off iCare Support incident. For more details please see here

If you are unsure whether the problem you have is hardware or software, the team in-store will be able to advise.

Out of warranty iPhone repairs
If the iPhone has a hardware issue that is not covered by the warranty, we can generally offer a solution, ranging from a screen replacement which starts from £129, to exchanging your whole iPhone with a Service Replacement from £259. Please see full pricing here

Out of Warranty Mac repairs
If you Mac has a hardware issue that is not covered by Warranty we charge £90 Service Fee which covers the inspection and diagnostic procedure + labour to fit any parts needed. Part(s) are extra and will be quoted for within the diagnostic procedure.

If your Apple device is over 5 years old, please contact us BEFORE attending the appointment as service repair options maybe limited.

By default our quotes are for ‘exchange’ pricing wherever possible, this means the faulty part(s) are returned to Apple (most but not all parts can be returned) and due to this we then provide you the part at a cheaper price compared to ‘Stock’ price where the faulty part would not be returned to Apple.

If you wish to keep the faulty part, please talk to a member of staff and ask to be quoted for the higher stock price.

Insurance Quotes
If your insurance company requests a quotation for a repair, this can be provided for £25.

Broken Screen
If you have an iPhone 6s or newer then we can fit a genuine Apple screen In-Store (*except iStore Hereford and iStore Tunbridge Wells). This service cost ranges between £129 to £289. Please see full pricing here. Unfortunately, if your iPhone is bent, we are unable to offer a screen replacement but we can offer a Service Replacement.

As part of our repair process, a genuine Apple screen will be calibrated to your device and ensures full functionality. This also ensures the remaining warranty of your device is maintained.


Limitations of our service

Apple Guidelines
As one of the UK’s largest Apple Authorised Service Providers, we will assess your iPhone using Apple’s guidelines and policies. This may result in us being unable to proceed with service in some circumstances. If this is the case, our team will advise what options are available.

We cannot be held responsible for any loss of data during the service process. You must ensure that you back up any valuable data on your device before you arrive at your appointment.

SIM Card
If you have and iPhone or Cellular iPad, please remove the SIM. An Albion Service Advisor can help you with this process but the SIM will handed back for you to keep.

Water Damage
If upon inspecting your iPhone we find signs of liquid damage (including the triggering of the liquid sensors inside your iPhone), we are unable to complete your repair under the original warranty. We can, however, offer you a Service Replacement.

Screen Protectors
If you have a screen protector fitted to your iPhone, unfortunately, this will be disposed of during the repair process and will not be returned.

Can you collect your device or return to another location?
Due to the complex nature of packing and shipping your device safely, we are unable to arrange collection of your device or return to another location or store other than where the item was booked in.

Incomplete iPhone

If your iPhone is incomplete (missing Home button or SIM Tray for example) we are unable to service your device.

Third-Party Modifications

If your device contains 3rd party non-authorised Apple parts, this may invalidate your Warranty and may make the device ineligible for service. If the device can be serviced, 3rd party non-authorised Apple parts are normally of sub standard quality and may fail in the repair process, if this does happen we will inform you and provide the cost of the Apple equivalent repair.